Children’s Photographers and Baby Portraits

Most baby portraits are taken when the baby is very young. Children photographers must keep in mind that the baby should be on their stomachs with holding their heads up strongly. Some babies can perform this task earlier than three months. Each baby is an individual so do not fret. This is also a great time when a baby will not cooperate with cloth changes.

You can try laying the baby on their tummy and when they raise their head, you can snap the baby portrait. Children photographers tend to use black and white for these baby portraits, which give the portraits a classic look.

At six months of age, this will increase a children photographers options with posing and baby portraits. This is a wonderful time for children photographers to photograph with cute props or even a special chair. The expressions for these baby portraits are truly priceless.

Nine months of age, the babies will be teething as well as drooling a lot. Make sure you keep drool rags in a location, which is easy to access and quickly. Children at this age also experience anxiety when separated from their parents.

Children photographers must show patience to capture these particular stages in a baby portrait. You can try shooting the child standing up and without shoes, which make for adorable baby portraits most parents will love.

Twelve months of age, the baby will be standing up more times to none by themselves. Make sure you advise the parents to have shoes on the baby for the baby portrait. The shoes should be clean. Children photographers usually engage the child while taking the baby portrait pictures. The child will more than likely not be looking at the camera and this is ok. This will provide an arena for very natural poses while catching the childs personality in the baby portrait.

It is very important to document the babys stages during the first year of life, whether by the parents or professional children photographer performing the baby portrait. This is something that is monumental and will never be able to be captured again.

Use the most natural lighting as possible. You do not want red-eye to be popping up in the baby portraits. Move in close and be quick about it. A good children photographer wants to catch those timeless expressions. Photograph outdoors is you need to while avoiding the sunlight. Do not ever face a child with the sun in their eyes; this will cause them to squint.

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