Choose the Gender of a Baby – Methods and Dealing With the Consequences

To date, one can find a wide range of methods to choose gender of baby. Most of which involve technical processes which stirs a lot of controversy, ethical and moral considerations at the same time. In this article, we will be discussing the formal and informal techniques used to choose gender of baby. Aside from explaining the method, we will also discuss the pros and cons of each technique as well as other dilemmas surrounding it.

Informal gender selection – First, we will discuss the informal techniques used to choose gender of baby. Most of which, like a baby gender quiz or a baby gender calculator, lack scientific proof and is more often than not, disagreed by health care providers. In this method, choosing the sex of your baby is believed to start in the bedroom. Having sexual intercourse comes with timing, a specific position and the frequency of the intercourse – all these need to be closely monitored throughout the conception period. Dr Landrum Shettles, a famous personality, upholding the informal gender selection technique believes that several methods ca be done in order to have a girl or a boy. To increase the chances of having a baby boy, sexual contact should happen 24 hours before ovulation. The intercourse should be done in such a position which allows the sperm to get faster to the eggs. On the other hand, if you want to have a girl, intercourse should be done on a frequent basis – right from the start of the cycle until ovulation. It is also believed that the missionary position increases the chance of having a baby girl.

The informal method of gender selection has a number of pros and cons. The pros include having a great chamce of choosing baby sex as opposed to not trying ay all. On the other hand, the downside about this technique is the inadequacy of the method, frustration and imperfect timing.

Formal gender selection – Some couples make use of formal techniques to be able to choose gender of baby. These medical methods separate the X-bearing from the Y-bearing chromosomes to result in either a female or male fetus. Embryo selection, a type of vitro fertilization, is also another formal method of gender selection. This process can be a little bit costly and is usually used to enable someone to become pregnant.

The advantage of going for formal gender selection techniques is that they have high rates of success and a lower chance for failure. The pros; however, will include high costs, dealing with ethical issues and having to undergo medical, sometimes surgical, procedures.

If you favor a certain gender for your next pregnancy, feel free to consider either of these methods. Just keep in mind the consequences, the costs, the process and the other factors of the technique you choose. If you have a strong religious faith, for instance, going for a formal method may stir ethical issues among your group. Weight the consequences and the costs. Choose one which will fit your needs, beliefs and lifestyle best.

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