Choosing a Baby Monitor – What Types Are There?

There are many types of baby monitor on the market and the choice has never been so vast. Its like a minefield trying to choose the best one for the money. Knowing the different types of monitor will help make a choice so you buy the one that is most suitable for you.

Baby monitors essentially consist of a transmitter unit and a monitoring unit. The transmitter sits close to your baby and receiver is carried around by the parent or carer. These days most baby monitors are wireless in operation and this means no cables are involved in the connection of the two units. There has been some bad press a few years ago about interference with baby monitors but they are a lot better than they used to be.

With an anlog type monitor, most units come with a choice of channels so if you experience any issues or interference then simply switch to an alternative channel and it will work fine. However, if you want total peace of mind that you will have no interference whatsoever then buy a digital (or DECT) baby monitor as this will provide faultless, digital crystal clear sound. The downside is that digital units are slightly more expensive but prices are a lot less than they were a few years ago.

You can next decide whether you want to simply just hear your baby or whether you actually would like to see them too. Again, if you can afford a little more then a video baby monitor is a fantastic way of monitoring your baby so that you can actually watch over them whilst you are not in the same room as them.

Some monitoring systems that you can purchase often come with an additional receiver unit and this is ideal when both parents are in different parts of the house or yard.

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