Choosing the Best Digital Baby Monitor

Choosing the best Digital Baby Monitor can be very frustrating and time-consuming whilst you are researching the numerous different options that are on the market today. Do you have one with this feature, do you have one with that feature on and will this be best and so on. I believe that there are certain features that are must haves and these are listed below.

SIGNAL RANGE: This is a very important factor when you are considering the purchase of a baby monitor. Baby monitors work on the same principle as cordless phones that some of us have in our homes. You need to be within a certain range of the transmission unit to receive a strong signal for a clear reception, otherwise if you fall out of the range the phone will lose its signal and will not work. The same will apply to the baby monitor so you want one that suits the size of your home, not forgetting that on occasions your baby may be upstairs asleep and you could be doing your chores downstairs or even down the garden. So it is important to find a monitor that has a range suitable to the size of your home.

AUDIO, VIDEO or BOTH: There have been so many improvements in technology over the years that the traditional audio monitor has evolved into one that has both audio and video functions so that you can both hear and see your baby at the same time.

There are also monitors that have motion sensors that emit an alarm if no movement is detected from your baby after a period of time.

Only you can decide whether you prefer audio only or the combination of audio and visual.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES – do you need them?: In many cases this comes down to cost as monitors that have numerous features tend to be more expensive than the ones that have the basic requirements. So when making your decision, think carefully whether you really need them or not. Just because the monitor has a load of features doesn’t necessary mean that you will need them or that they will be of benefit to you.

There are monitors that have comforting night lights on them, there are monitors that act as a 2 way walkie-talkie so that you are able to respond to your baby’s cries without going into the nursery. Press a button and give a comforting word or two to settle your baby back down again. I must mention that this is a very useful feature especially if you are upstairs tending to baby and you require something from downstairs, just “page” your partner to bring it up for you. A very handy feature don’t you think?

Monitors that have lullabies to lull your baby to sleep will be another useful feature. You can get monitors that allow you to monitor how long you want your baby to sleep for. Monitors that have a temperature gauge which alerts the parents when the room temperature is either higher or lower than the pre-set temperature is another useful feature.

Only you can decide what features you want your monitor to have remembering that the prime function is your baby’s safety.

For me, I would recommend one that has a movement sensor that emits an alarm if no movement is detected from your baby after a period of time, one that alerts you when you are out of range and when the batteries are running low, one that has a voice activation feature and one that plays soft lullabies. The one baby monitor that fits my requirements is the BT 150 DIGITAL BABY MONITOR.

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