Choosing Your Baby Monitor

 Baby   monitors  are a great gift for new parents that will never go out of style. Once you arrive home with your newborn baby the chances of you getting up in the middle of the night to make sure your baby is sound asleep are quite high.

Well to help with making sure you get a good night sleep you will need to invest in a monitoring device. This device will provide the sense of safety and security you will need to assure your baby is well guarded. With any new parent our children safety is constantly on our minds, and now with advances in technology it is possible to not only detect sound but  monitor  the movements and breathing of our  baby  using audible and visual  monitoring .

Motion sensors such as pressure sensitive mats can be placed under your child’s mattress to give warning of movement detected from your baby.

There are several different models of monitors which include; audio-only, audio/video and motion-sensor.

When shopping for a  Baby   monitor  that will fit your needs, pay special attention to the range, meaning what would be the maximum distance between the parent receiver and the monitor. Also pay attention to the frequency which will help in determining how clear your connection will be.

It is best to select a  monitoring  device that will allow you to select different radio frequencies so that other devices in your home such as cordless phones, wireless networks and remote control toys do not interfere on the same frequency as your  baby   monitor .

For the best reception and least interference, choose a digital  baby   monitor . Digital  baby   monitors  encode the signal between the transmitting and receiving  monitor  to eliminate the chances of hearing or viewing your neighbor’s  baby   monitor .

 Baby   monitors  continue to evolve and can now also utilize features such as night lights and built-in lullabies. Other monitors offer vibrating alerts making it useful for people with hearing difficulties.

Most  baby  video  monitors  today have a night vision feature that will allow them to work at night in low light levels.  Baby  video  monitors  that offer night vision mode will switch your monitor to this feature automatically upon darkness.

So as a new parent you will often be understandably concerned about your newborn and having this device will give you the comfort and peace of mind in knowing your child is safe and secure.

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