Colic Help – How You Can Soothe Your Baby

Colic – A Normal Occurrence In Babies

As babies cannot talk, crying is a way of expressing their feelings when they are in discomfort. But when crying goes on for hours, parents get alarmed, but they need to be aware of the symptoms and try to be as calm as possible- in short, they need to comfort the child, so that the child gets some measure of relief.

Parents have been known to take the baby to a hospital, and find that there is nothing to be alarmed about as colic affects newborns.

Colic usually affects a baby when it is 3 weeks old, and lasts till the 4th month, after which it stops. Parents need to concentrate on how to help the child and relieve its suffering and not worry about the causes.

Many parents lose their sleep after a hard day’s work, and this happens even if they take turns in attending to the baby.

How To Provide Relief And Comfort For Your Baby

Taking no notice of the child and hoping its cries will subside will not work as the baby may be suffering and be in pain. Someone has to look in on the baby to see if the diaper needs changing or if the child is hungry. If both these are not the case, then picking up the child and soothing it to sleep with a lullaby may be a good idea.

Another important point a mother needs to remember is to burp the baby after its feed. This is a known cause of colic.

A baby may need a change of scene, and could be brought out. Another way of diverting its attention is to take the child in a stroller to the park or even a ride in the car.

Just as a bath relieves adults after a stressful day, the same is the case with babies. You will need to make sure that the water is not too hot – just warm to soothe and relax the child.

Also distractions in the form of toys can be hung by the baby’s crib or soft music can be played. These are simple ways of de-stressing a baby.

The most important thing that you can give your infant is love and time. Also it is important for the mom to find out what the child is allergic to in terms of food.

There are gas producing foods and this can be passed on to the child through mother’s milk. Therefore it is essential to discover the foods that agree with the baby. If the condition persists, you could try Simethicone drops.

There are ups and downs in bringing up a child. Colic is only the beginning. A babysitter could help you, but in the final analysis, it is the love of the parents that counts most of all.

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