Color Video Baby Monitor

A color video  baby   monitor  can sit on a countertop or wall-mounted in the ideal position to watch over all happenings in a nursery room. These  monitors  are ideal for  monitoring  a  baby’s  room when in the kitchen, watching TV, relaxing or in times of exercising.

A quality  baby   monitor  comes packed with conveniences and advanced functionality, while offering a durable design with crystal-clear audio and full color images via a 2.5-inch high-resolution display screen.

The camera and monitor is able to operate on up to 3 power sources – a standard A/C adapter, a PCs USB port, or 3.7V li-ion batteries. If using the portable option of batteries, then these can offer 4 – 8 hours of continuous running.

Common features to these video  monitors  include adjustable volume controls, sleep mode with voice activation, indicators or alarm settings for medicine reminders or  baby  feed times, a signal strength warning, and a choice of audio and vision transmission or audio operation only. For recording at night, these cameras can offer infrared illumination with a dark viewing range in the region of 6 – 10 feet.

In properties with a second nursery room, it is often an option to add in an extra recorder to connect-up with the original receiver within the home. An individual monitor is often capable of supporting up to 4 cameras, although extra cameras will need to be purchased as separate items.

A compact camera and  baby   monitor  combination, with its ability to swivel in all directions, offers a great piece of kit for maintaining a watch on a  baby  at all times, from any location.

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