Cosco Infant Car Seat Review

Parents regard infant car seats as some kind of investments they can make. That is the reason why they opt for the Cosco Infant Car Seat because it can hold babies up to 32″ tall and weigh 30 lbs.

That means it can accommodate 97% of one year old infants. The seat can also keep the infant from rear-facing for a complete year.

It has passed and met the US standards. It even exceeded the expectations of the board because of its safety features. The seat’s base stays still whenever it is placed in the car. It is also very convenient to install.

The parents only have to put it one time and it can last for a long period of time. It is not as bendy as the other car seats that are available in the market today.

It has a 5 point harness that can easily be adjusted because it has an accessible front strap. The carrier handle is also designed in such a unique way making it really convenient for parents to carry this from one place to another.

Parents also want their babies to be comfortable when they are seated. The padded seat comes with an infant head support then there is the 180 degree canopy which protects the child from side-impact accidents.

This means that both the parents and the child can enjoy the complete features of Cosco. Another good think about this brand is that it has a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from.

Parents can easily choose the style of their baby or they can go for the patterns that best show their personalities.

Reviews often claim that the ergonomic carrying handle is just one of the best featured of this popular car seat. It also has a stay-in car base which assures the parents that their child will really be safe in the car.

The canopy allows the infant to rest his head and be comfortable, and at the same time be supported. The snug ride for a child is to be positioned in the Cosco Infant Car Seat.

Producers of the Cosco Infant Car Seat have the innovative technology we have now to thank. It allows them to be aware of the demands of the parents.

With that knowledge, they make models of car seats that meet these demands and provide the parents and the babies the features that they are looking for.

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