Cute Baby Names and Meanings

If you are wondering about some cute baby names and meanings, this article will give you lots of good ideas.

Picking a cute name for your baby can be a complicated process. You probably are hearing all sorts of recommendations from your family and friends. Do you name your baby after Grandma or Grandpa? Should your child be a junior? Or would you rather find the cutest, most adorable name you can think of?

Cute baby names are not only adorable when your child is a baby. They are endearing even when your child is an adult.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a cute baby name is that it can grow with your child. The perfect name will be oh-so-cute for your infant, but will mature with your child. Do you want your daughter the lawyer to be called Honey?

Another aspect of naming that means a lot to some parents is that the name must have a meaning that feels right. For some people as long as it sounds right, that is all they need, but for others, the name must be meaningful. For example, my friend’s firstborn daughter was named Morwenna, because it meant “wave of the sea.” The stretch marks my friend got on her belly during her pregnancy made a swirl around her belly button just like an ocean wave. It seemed to fit.

Part of what makes a baby name cute is how well it goes with the last name. Let’s face it, some names just flow off the tongue and sound cute. Say both the first and last names out loud, and see how they sound together.

Some cute girl names we’ve come across include names from all over the world.

Midori is from Japan, and means “green.”

Niamh (pronounced Neev) is Gaelic and means “light, illumination.”

Kysa is Swedish, and means “pure.”

Hermione is Greek, and is the feminine version of Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods.

Verity is from Australia and means “truth.”

Ananya is Sanskrit, and means “unique.”

Awendela is Native American and means “morning.”

Meadow is American and means “a field of flowers.”

Sophia is French, it means “wisdom.”

Some cute boy names that we really like include these:

Callum is Celtic, and depending on your resource means either “brave warrior” or “kind and gentle.”

Kadan is Japanese, and means “companion.”

Mavi is Turkish and means “blue.”

Briar is English, and means “bramble.”

Dario is Hispanic, and means “rich.”

Nodin is Native American and means “wind.”

As you can see, there are many cute baby names to choose from. It may take some time to wade through the scores of names out there. And you may need to be open to looking at names from other cultures to find one that is perfect for your new little one.

Choosing a name is one of the first gifts you give to your baby. Your baby will carry this name throughout their entire life.

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