Digital Baby Monitors – Are They Safe For Children?

We are living in an almost completely digital world today. The digital switch has taken over in nearly everything we use, such as cell phones, microwaves, computers and small appliances. There is, however, a concern that many high-tech conveniences may be hazardous when it comes to the health of our children as well as ourselves. Some of these include things like baby monitors that are usually placed quite close to very young children.

It is a great concern to a number of parents that these digital monitors may harm the nervous system of their children because of the exposure to the electromagnetic waves of radiation. This concern for young children arises because a child's body is still developing and their immune systems are not fully developed, making the risk of damage much greater. Therefore, many mothers and fathers are wondering if it is actually a safe move to purchase digital baby monitors.

What is Electro-Magnetic Radiation & How Can It Endanger Our Well-Being?

Electro-magnetic radiation is the electrical energy passed off by electric household items that we use every day like microwaves, TV's, cell phones and even digital baby monitors that are used in our children's bedroom. There has been claims through the years of studies that being exposed to too much electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous to the body's nervous system.

Some of the first signs of too much exposure have been headaches, sleeping habits disrupted, chronic fatigue syndrome and upsetting of children's normal behavior practices.

What Sets Baby Monitors Apart from Other Electro -Magnetic Gadgets??

Many parents are afraid of the risk involved in using these high-tech digital baby monitors and what it might do to their children's health. But the actual companies that make the digital monitors say that there is no threat to a child's health because the electro magnetic waves put out from these gadgets are too low to cause any health issues.

The company that manufactures the Phillips Monitors says that their monitors release ten thousand times less than what is internationally considered a safe level of electro-magnetic waves. This company says as well, that the monitor device may be placed no less than three feet from the baby, which will afford a complete satisfaction to the mind of the parent.

The benefits of using digital technology really does out-weigh the tiny risk implied. It has been an established fact throughout the years that the digital baby monitors have a much better reception than the old parallel versions as well as allowing much more family privacy. However, it is quite understandable that changing from the older versions to the more modern digital versions can be a very daunting experience for parents that are afraid of their childrens health being threatened.

Taking Proper Responsibility for Safety

Now, if one can take the responsibility to use proper techniques to avoid any hazards by distancing the monitor at a safety zone of at least three foot from the child and avoiding other hazardous equipment such as a computer or a tv within the child's bedroom which puts out much unwanted radiation, many health problems can be prevented. It is important to remember that placing the monitor at a safe distance plays a crucial part in the safety of your child.

The farther away you place the monitors from your children the less they will be exposed to any radiation. Along with today's technology, almost all manufacturers have been updating their gadgets that they might be better for the safety of children as well as better for the environment in which we live.

Finally, every parent has the option of choosing from different models of digital baby monitors with their huge benefits. Always remember to carefully follow all the safeguards included in order to keep the risk factors as low as possible.

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