Digital Video Baby Monitors

Video Baby Monitors

If you have a new baby or relatively young child, then you will have to get yourself one of the various video baby monitors that are available today. They work just as they sound like. They are intended to give you a birds eye view of your baby so that you can keep an eye on them when you are gone from the nursery. Pretty simple setup. Just two components. The base station or camera unit that stays in the child’s room and a handheld unit that you take with you while walking around the house.

It wasn’t too long ago that the only kind of infant monitoring systems were audio only without any video. Due to the quick advancement in technology over the last decade or so, now the majority of the infant monitors are video baby monitors. They are also relatively cheaper these days, due again to the huge advancement in technologies and due to the quick drop in technology prices that accompany these technological advancements in society.

The top of the line systems use a digital frequency to send it’s information over the air waves. Using digital permits the data to be scrambled or encoded for privacy. Besides, they are also less likely to be prone to interference from other wireless products that transmit over the airwaves such as cordless phones, microwaves, computers and many other devices that you might have in your residence.

Are Video Baby Monitors Expensive?

In general, the more you spend at the outset the better the features will be on the video baby monitors. Usually just the higher the cost the greater range of features as in color screens, baby’s nursery temperature sensors, a talk back feature, good night vision capabilities, out of range features and more. Some models have lights on them so that if your receiver is muted, then the lights will flash to make you alert of activity in the baby’s nursery.

Certain video infant monitors have expansion capabilities where you can add up to 2, 3, or 4 additional cameras to cover different rooms or different areas of your house in order to keep an eye on the baby when he or she is there. This is not a capability of every Video infant monitor, only certain ones. This is something that you should think about when purchasing a unit. Additional cameras bring additional costs to the equation. Another thing to take into account is how many receivers will you require. Some video baby monitors come with 1 receiver, some of them come with 2, and with some brands you can purchase an additional receiver later on.

Do I recommend any particular Video Baby Monitor?

Each and every one has good and bad points to them. Most of the complaints concerning these types of monitors is about interference from other things. Usually, the more expensive the monitor the less likely that is, but that is not a given. Maybe in your home it will be different. You will never know 100% unless you really try one of video baby monitors for yourself.

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