Discover the Philips DECT Baby Monitor

If you’re looking for the latest technology for keeping watch over your  baby , you should consider the Philips DECT  baby   monitor . It’s the ideal device for  monitoring  your  baby . It has very desirable features like static free listening, temperature readouts, two-way communication, and a range of 900 feet. And plus, it looks very stylish!

These digital  baby   monitors  features an attractive design with its sleek monitor and nylon travel case. All the components come fitted in a modular plastic frame, which includes the transmitter and a parental receiver which is simplistic in design and operation.

The Philips DECT  baby   monitor  comes with a start-up guide which has pictures to show the step by step setup of the monitor. The battery in the parental unit first has to be charged, and then it is ready to be to set up. When the two monitors are switched on, they link to each other and the process is seen as the two monitors blinking at each other.

This DECT  baby   monitor  features Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology, which allows zero interference in communications. It should be kept at a distance of 2 feet from the baby in order to be protected from any microwaves. The best part is that it does not eavesdrop on other conversations or get disturbed by phone conversations like other cordless technology.

The monitor regularly scans for up to 60 radio channels to communicate with the receiver consistently. The  monitor  can be programmed via the remote control, which means you can make it sing lullabies to your  baby . Switch on the nightlight and a dim light allows you to see your child enough to know if they are sleeping.

All it requires is manipulating the LCD screen buttons, like the menu button which takes you up and down the menu. There is a talk back on the  monitor , the volume of which is adjustable; therefore you can coo and talk to your  baby  even at a distance, like speaking into a walkie-talkie.

It is a perfect device to be able to talk to your little one while you complete your chores around the house. There are temperature readouts on some of the DECT  baby   monitor  units which allow you to check the temperature of the nursery consistently. It rings out an alarm if there is a significant change.

The monitor plays lullabies in a loop of five minutes, each lullaby is 30 seconds long and sounds like the ones you hear on the mobiles you hang in the crib. There are nightlights that allow you to visit the baby at night in the semi darkness. Another feature is the entire unit charges by rechargeable batteries. When it comes to  baby   monitors , it doesn’t get much more sophisticated than the Philips DECT.

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