Do I Need to Buy a Baby Humidifier?

During certain seasons of the year – especially the colder periods when heating is on full blast – the air can become very dry in the home. This can be problematic for your baby, as this warm air can dry out the very sensitive and delicate skin in a baby’s nose and mouth, and even his or her eyes and lungs.

For this reason, the baby humidifier was invented, aiming at adding moisture back into the air so that your baby will not suffer any of the negative aide effects of the hot, dry air. Despite the prevalence of these items on the market, are they worth investing in and can they really benefit your little one?

Firstly, it is important to note that experts agree that using a humidifier really does add moisture to the room, and can even bring it up to the level of 50% moisture which is considered the ideal level for the room that a baby sleeps in. There may be some instances, however, where this kind of equipment is not necessary for you.

A prime example is in countries which are generally humid already; it tends only to be in colder, dryer climes that using a great deal of heating can cause humidity to be removed from the air. Finding out about the humidity level in your home should be the precursor to investing in any equipment which claims to humidify the room.

The principle reason why many parents might consider investing in a baby humidifier is that this device can be ideal for helping your baby sleep better if there is one present in a dry room. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, as mentioned above, dry and warm air can cause issues such as drying out the skin, throat and eyes of your child. This can make them feel very comfortable, and even lead to the appearance of certain symptoms of an illness, even though they are not really suffering from any major medical concerns.

Avoiding these “symptoms” can therefore be a great relief for parents as well, as they will know if the humidifier is on and the child is suffering from a sore throat or eyes that there may be a valid reason to take him or her to see the doctor, and that it is not due to lack of humidity. Otherwise, the baby being comfortable and free of irritating symptoms will simply help him or her sleep better.

One claim by fans of the baby humidifier is that it can actually soothe a baby and send him or her to sleep, depending on the sound that it makes. As with all types of air conditioning devices, a soft buzz is produced, which some find actually soothes their baby and encourages sleep, as well as provides it with a healthier and more comfortable environment to sleep in.

It is also worth noting that there are various different types of this kind of this device, including cold mist, warm mist, automatically-regulating, automatic shut down and anti-microbial baby humidifiers and many more. If you are interested in buying one of these devices, it is strongly recommended to consider which features might be useful for you.

If your air is generally very dry during certain periods of the year and warm as to encourage the proliferation of bacteria, using a warm mist dehumidifier that is energy efficient can be a great choice for you, providing a sanitary environment for extended periods of time.

If your environment is not too uncomfortable for your baby but you would like the option of keeping a stable level of humidity in the air, buying a humidifier that monitors the humidity level and turns on and off automatically can very well be the ideal option for you.

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