First Year's Baby Monitor – 3 Must Have Features That Will Help You Sleep at Night

Is there anything that can give you a sense of peace more than knowing that your baby is safe and sound sleeping in there crib? It is a feeling of safety that we need when we leave a baby in the crib or playpen by themselves. With the advent of all of this new technology, a baby monitor is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity when we're forced to leave the room when the baby is sleeping or simply left unattended to answer the door, change the laundry, or any other short task that requires you to momentarily lose eye contact with your child. This is never more true than when it concerns children under the age of one, and fortunately their are a number of first years baby monitor system designed just for these situations.

As new parents, we want to be able to hear everything that goes on, including every breath that the baby takes. We also want to know as soon as the baby wakes up, so that you can rush in to see their smiling face waiting for mommy or daddy. For these reasons, it is important to take a look at the many features that a first years baby monitor offers.

When we think of baby monitors for children that have not yet reached their one year birthday, there are some must have features to look for:

1. Clear reception: this may go without saying, but reception is a major issue when it comes to baby monitors and it is important to choose a digital model that has the ability to pick up the smallest sounds. There is nothing quite reassuring for parents to hear than the sound of their child breathing.

2. Double parent units: this feature encompasses two different important features, the first is that the monitor comes with two parent units. This is extremely functional, as you can leave one in the kitchen and the other in another room while you're walking back and forth. The other feature is that it is small enough to be portable. You do not want to have to lug a large video monitor from one room to the next.

3. Lullaby feature: certain first years baby monitors come with a very useful feature that enables the parents to turn on a lullaby in the baby's room remotely. This is serves a great function, if the baby starts to get restless, all you have to do is turn the remote to the baby's favorite lullaby and maybe you'll buy yourself a few more minutes of precious sleep.

Baby monitors come in all types of versions and price ranges, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. They are items that you have to put some thought into. You have to look for the features that you want and most importantly, fit conveniently into your lifestyle. The truth of the matter is that it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the choices that are available. That is why it is so important to narrow them down according to the must have features and work from there. For parents looking at purchasing a first years baby monitor, options that include clear reception, dual monitor units, and remote lullaby activation can be key features to look for.

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