Fisher Price Baby Monitors – The Brand You Know and Trust

For years, when parents think of Fisher Price, they think of top quality products for their newborns, toddlers and children. From educational products to interesting toys, Fisher Price has been pleasing discerning children and their parents for generations.  So when it comes to baby monitors, it’s no wonder that Fisher Price has done it again with their unique ability to understand the top concerns of anxious parents.

If you’ve been trying to decide on the right baby monitor that you can trust to keep you alerted to your baby’s needs – even in the middle of a power outage – then consider Fisher Price as your go-to for all things related to baby monitors.  I’ve reviewed some of the best Fisher Price baby monitors to save you much-needed time – which can be better spent with your new bundle of joy!  

The Fisher Price Private Connection Baby Monitor comes highly reviewed by parent s everywhere, as “reliable” is a word that most consumers use to describe this product.  Additionally, independent testing performed by Consumer Reports indicated that the Private Connection baby monitor has a great range, which means you don’t have to worry about being too far away to hear your baby during naptime.  With over ten channels to reduce static and interference, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice for baby monitors.  The Fisher Price Private Connection Baby Monitor is available at most retailers and online for about $159.

Next up is the Fisher Price Sound n’ Lights baby monitor, which has done extremely well in independent testing by Consumersearch.com.  By using less energy than most comparable baby monitors, this means that the Sound n’ Lights monitor will last longer to keep a watchful ear out for your newborn baby.  With five LED lights that can be seen from both sides and a sleek modern design that’s pleasing to the eye, the Sound n’ Lights monitor has a wide range, which means that you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always hear your baby when he or she needs you.  Additionally, Sound n’ Lights features a nightlight, which is perfect for those nervous babies who might be afraid of the dark.  With prices starting at $29 (via Walmart.com) it’s an affordable option for discerning parents who want nothing but the best for their little bundles of joy.

And the prize for the baby monitor with the longest range available?  That would go to the Fisher-Price 900MHz Long Distance baby monitor, which is surprisingly sleek and small considering how incredibly powerful it is.  With a staggering 800-ft range, you can bet that you’ll always hear your baby, no matter where you might be in the house.  Additionally, this baby monitor comes with a belt clip, so you can carry the receiver with you everywhere without using your hands.  With a night light for Baby’s comfort and lights visible from both sides of the screen, you can be relieved knowing that your baby’s safety is in the hands of one of the most trusted baby brands in the world.  

Choosing the right baby monitors that you can depend on is no easy task.  Between looking for a monitor that will stay on even during a nighttime power outage and one that has an incredible range, parents who are looking for peace of mind are some of the most discerning consumers around.  However, as Fisher Price has been exceeding the expectations of discerning parents for generations, it’s safe to say that they’ve made a commitment to providing us with exceptional baby monitors.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this trusted brand has once again delivered reliable Fisher Price baby monitors.

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