Generation Y

We know about Baby Boomers- if we are one of them! What about Generation Y? Lindsey Pollak a best selling author and a nationally recognized expert on Generation Y says it was born from 1976-1991. Lindsey encourages us to get familiar with this generation if we're marketers, it's a generation that can not be ignored. They are larger than the Baby Boomer generation in the workplace.

Generation Y only knows a world of rising prosperity, parents cave them everything they wanted. Mostly 'only' children, they do not understand, "wait your turn." Everyone on the soccer team got a trophy and parents put stickers on the back of their car saying, "my kid's an honor roll student." Generation Y is known as the "entitlement" generation. They are a generation who is used to getting a lot of attention, they like that. They like irony, humor and they are used to being listened to.

As a marketer, ask them questions, listen to them they'll tell you exactly what they want. Even so, they have a hard time making decisions, and are known for not thinking for them selves.

They have the world at their feet and finger tips. They spend more time on Facebook than with their families. The average 21 year old has undergone 250,000 email, 5000 hours of game play, and 10,000 hours on their mobile phone. They avoid long term commitment.

They're used to having iPod headphones in their ears, computer and TV on and parents talking to them.

Generation Y is the most culturally diverse generation, 1 in 3 is non Caucasian. Diversity is a marketing necessity.

Generation Y does not like to work, not staying in their job very long yet are very career interested.

Some say Generation Y is your toughest Generation yet. Just wait for the Millennials!

Does Generation Y sound like your children, or are you one of them? Are you a Baby Boomer or are you a Millennial? Tell me in the comments below, I'm curious!

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