Gerber Bottles – Safety Usage, Safety Tips

The Gerber bottles are widely sold world wide and the company has become one of the leading makers of baby feeding bottles that has been trusted by most moms. It is necessary for you to know the things that will keep your baby safe and healthy especially that you try to use the feeding bottles as their supplement.


Before feeding the baby, you have to make sure that the bottle is safe and clean. It is better that the bottles are sterilized to ensure that the bacteria are all gone. There are so many ways that you can find how to feed using the Gerber bottles. You can breast milk using the bottle, concentrated in can, in powder or ready to feed milk.

If the water is too hot, you need to warm the water in the proper temperature using the tap water placed in the bowl. You have to shake the bottle very well so that the contents will not settle or stick into the baby bottle. You have to make sure that water is lukewarm, before you give to your baby.


The best cleaning for baby bottles is sterilization. This is very important because your babies are taking in these materials. You have to clean the bottle tops, the nipples, the crevices. They are all washed with using the soapy water.

When you sterilize the baby bottles, you can use the microwave sterilizer. You only have to boil them for a few minutes and let it stay there. The bottles will be sterilized up to 12 hours. You do not have to worry about breaking because this type of bottle does not break in higher temperature just like sterilization.


The Gerber bottles are safe to use. It is know for a decade not that most of the feeding bottles are made from durable, chemical – free plastic bottles. About 90 percent of the baby bottle industry in the United States. This has been checked and examined by the government and the company as well. The FDA of the US is monitoring the baby bottles made from plastic and there are researches that reveal the polycarbonate is safe for baby's use.

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