Hostgator Reviews – What Is Hostgator?

Hostgator is one of the premier webhosting services that are available today. The company has gone through tremendous growth over the past few years and in 2010 alone registered over 2 million domains. The company has also started operations in India under the name of hostgator.in. The company has grown to over 5 million plus domains in May 2011.

A webhosting service is a service that enables you to deploy your website over the internet and is made accessible through this way by anyone having an internet connection and a browser. Thus a webhosting service is very much like the building that houses your business.

There are many Hostgator reviews that are available over the internet and if you come across a Hostgator review, you are likely to be impressed. The company is especially known for its excellent customer support. Currently Hostgator serves more than 200,000 people on the internet landscape. In this Hostgator review, we try to present a few features of Hostgator.

Hostgator is currently offering three types of plans for its customer: the baby plan, hatching plan, and business plan. The hatching plan allows you to host a single domain through the service. Together with this, unlimited bandwidth and web space are provided to you. This plan is quite cheap and starts at $3.96 per month. The other which is the baby plan is like an upgraded Hostgator account that allows for the registering of unlimited domains and starts at $6.36 per month. Finally the business plan in addition to these benefits also offers a toll-free number, SSL and IP. The charges for this plan are $10.36 per month. Currently Hostgator is offering 25% percent off on all these plans so you might want to check it out.

There are other good features of Hostgator as well. Along with the plan, there is a site builder program that allows you to build your website choosing from over 4,500 templates. Furthermore this service is absolutely free. The system allows you to store up to 52 scripts on your account.

Hostgator also offers php, myadmin access, and MySQL database services that can be valuable to any business that has data needs and needs to keep records. Moreover, the service also has consistency as it offers 24/7 monitoring system for its websites. Finally the company is also environmentally conscious as it has started green hosting.

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