How a Baby Sound Monitor Can Help Stressed Out Parents

Parenthood is a wonderful experience filled with ups and downs, but most mothers and fathers agree that it is satisfying in every way. Having a beautiful little girl or boy takes a lot of time away from you and your own interests, at times you may find the constant pampering, feeding, clothing and comforting of your child a little stressful.

Though you get used to your new routine in time, luckily there is a type of device that can help reduce your worry and give you a little deserved away time. The baby sound monitor, the baby breathing monitor and the baby monitor movement type, there are several different variations of infant monitors each with their own particular special features, but no matter what the brand name they all aim to help you keep a watchful eye over your child while he or she sleeps.

With so many variations of baby monitors, how do you know which one to choose? In some ways this depends on your own worry levels; everyone cares about and worries about their child even when they are sleeping we check in from time to time to see if they are fine.

Though in some cases parents fear for the worst and require more assurance that their child is fine and sleeping in a safe position. If you are only going to be working in the next room and want to know if your baby has woken up because they are hungry or need a nappy change, then the popular option would be a baby sound monitor. If you are quite a worried parent or have more than 1 child then you may want to invest in a combination baby sound monitor and video monitor for extra assurance.

Whether you're looking for a simple baby sound monitor with just an audio feature or a more up to date type with a built in baby monitor movement sensor you should pick one that you think will make you feel self assured in the fact that your baby It is being effectively monitored. To give you a better idea of ​​the different types of baby monitors that you might want to consider, here is an example of one of the more popular choices of today's new parents.

Phillips AVENT baby monitor: This particular baby sound monitor is the latest offering by world renowned electronics manufacturer Philips, at heart it is simply an audio transmitting and receiving baby sound monitor. Though besides its cool streamlined exterior Philips has integrated a few extra features into the design that gives it that gives it an appealing edge for young modern parents. Most baby sound monitors use a MHz channel radio frequency to transmit audio, which are prone to interference from external electronic devices, the AVENT baby sound monitor uses "digitally enhanced cordless technology" to send the sound information. This type of signal is both fast and flawless, meaning there is no risk on losing the connection; it also transmits over long distances, up to 1000 feet and can pass through thick materials like concrete walls. The hand held portable parental unit allows you to speak with your child or alternatively you can remotely switch on a selection of preset lullaby songs and a night light.

Another additional feature is the built in temperature control, which sends you a constant up to date reading of the rooms temperature and sets off an alarm if it raises too high or drops too low. The whole Phillips baby sound monitor runs on a regular set of standard rechargeable batteries, so you will not have to constantly pay out for a new et each week; fully charged you should get up to 10 hours of baby sound monitor time.

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