How Can I Keep My Baby Safe While Traveling?

Do you think about what could happen to your baby if you were in an accident? Have you seen the news and heard how many babies are killed because they are not properly buckled in a car seat? How many times have you seen an adult holding a child in their lap or a small child standing up the back seat? I don’t know about you, but that makes me sick to look at. I have known of parents or family members who have lost an infant or toddler just because the baby was not safely secured in the car. Why would we want to even take this risk? Why put a helpless infant in harms way? Well, we are going to discuss how to keep your baby safe. Protect the most precious cargo you will ever put inside your car.

The number one way to keep your baby safe while traveling is a federally regulated and inspected car seat. Never, ever put your baby on your lap or lay them on the seat, no matter how short of a distance you intend to go. There are so many children killed because they were not securely fastened in a car seat. Choosing a car seat can be so confusing with so many types to choose from. Every car seat sold has been set by the federal safety guidelines. There are certain factors that need to be looked at when you are choosing one. You need to include your baby’s age, height, weight, use, price and the style. You will find that the more expensive car seats are upgraded with better padding and fabric and extra safety features such as side impact protection.

Now, we as parents know that traveling anywhere with a baby are very difficult to say the least. There are some great items to help you protect your baby and make your job a bit easier too. To name a few, there are seats that you can place in the shopping carts; they come in disposable type too. How handy would it be to have a travel potty seat for your toddler? I am always so amazed at what there is available for moms and babies these days.

Strollers are the most used item you will ever purchase for your baby, next to the car seat of course. There are so many to choose from, but there are a few tips to help narrow down your search. What is going to be your main purpose for the stroller? Strollers come in 5 different categories, some are easy to maneuver, some easy to pack in your car, and some are bulkier but more comfortable for your baby. There are strollers that you can attach your car seat to. There are double strollers, also known as tandem strollers for twins or a mom with two little ones in tow. Then last, there are strollers for jogging moms that like to take the baby out on the trail with them. There are also numerous accessories for every type of stroller.

Another way to keep your baby safe with you when you are traveling is a baby carrier. These also come in so many types that it is difficult to choose from. These come in handy when you are going camping and doing some hiking, or maybe you are taking the kids to the zoo and you don’t want to bother with the stroller. There are some moms who wear them around the house or even working in the yard. It is just another way to keep your baby with you while allowing your arms and hands to be free. Safety is always a concern no matter where you are. One final idea for you is to have a small first aid kit or medical bag for your baby, one for your home and one for your car. You can put these together yourself or they can be purchased all ready to travel with you. Be safe and enjoy your travels.

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