How Can I Stop a Wireless Baby Monitor From Interfering With a Wireless Router?

Wireless baby monitors are a huge help to parents. It helps parents monitor their baby even when they are in another part of the house. However, these gadgets are not as reliable as we would want them to be. Sometimes, they are prone to interferences especially when you have other wireless devices at home.

Generally, wireless monitors should not be affected by wireless routers. This is because they use a different frequency. Typical baby monitors use 49.3 to 49.97MHz of frequency as well as 900MHz of frequency depending on the model.

Routers typically use 2412MHz of frequenzy. It is like saying monitors are using the upward path of an escalator while a router is using the other way. If you are using a wireless phone, this will more likely cause interference.

Other people say that their neighbours who use wireless phones can sometimes catch snippets of sounds from your monitor devicer. However, if you are really sure that it is your router causing an interference, it may be because they are placed too close to each other. You might want to place the router at a different room so there is a reduction of interference.

You can change channels too for both devices. You can set the channel of the router from one to 11. Also, most baby monitors today are integrated with many channels. It will be best if you choose a monitor that has more channel options so you can choose the clearest one.

You can leave the channel of the router as it is and just find the clearest channel signal in your baby monitor. This way, there is no interference.

If it is still causing interference, there might be something wrong with your monitor. You might have picked an unreliable one. In this case, try looking for a more reliable gadget. If you can spare some money in buying a new one, choose one with DECT technology.

This technology can actually eliminate interference. Most monitors integrated with this technology have received great ratings due to clarity of channels and signals and a wide range of transmission.

Consider all that was mentioned earlier and you can solve this issue. Otherwise, just pick a new and more reliable monitor. There are tons available in the market today. You only have to be discriminating in your choices so you can find one that is really efficient. Reading reviews about the product helps heaps in determining the best one.

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