It has to be the greatest event that occurs in the world and that is conception. Did you know that roughly 200,000,000 sperm head to the egg during conception? Out of the staggering number of sperm only one succeeds at accomplishing the goal of fertilizing the egg.

Conception Days 1 and 21

At the moment of conception all the features of that person are set. The first cell divides in two and each of the new cells divides again and again as they travel to a protected area of the womb. The woman’s menstrual cycle is suppressed when the hormone (Hcg) is secreted. The foundations of the spinal cord, nervous system and brain are laid out. Close to day 21 the heart starts to beat. The future sex cells start to group together.

Days 26 to 52

Blood starts to flow through the baby’s veins. There is a growth of the thyroid gland. The small lungs begins to take shape. The mouth takes shape and the nose starts to develop. The baby’s brain divides into 3 parts. facial muscles develop and the joints form. In addition, electrical activity is present in the brain and almost 100% of the muscles are present. Close to day 52 the baby starts spontaneous movements such as squinting, furrowing the brow, touching the face, opening the mouth, frowning and sucking.

8 Weeks Through 11 Weeks

Around 8 weeks the baby is the size of a thumb and the heart has a steady beat. The knees, elbows and skull are forming. Moreover, the kidneys function and liver produces blood. A staggering 4500 structures are present and the skeleton of the legs, arms and spine begins to stiffen as bone cells are added. The thyroid gland switches and there’s early muscular development. The number of connections between muscles and nerves has more than tripled since the week prior.

Week 12 To 15

The little one can actually swallow and responds to skin stimulation. Fine hair begins to grow on the upper lip, chin and eyebrows. The baby is active and may have facial expressions that may resemble the parents.

Month 4 Thru 9.5

The baby might suck its thumb; the nostrils and toenails also become visible. The ovaries of the girls contain the beginnings of eggs. Around 4 months the baby can experience pain and discomfort. At 5 months each side of the brain has a billion nerve cells and the testes descend in boys. During the 7-month the eyelids begin to reopen, which prepares the baby for seeing the world. The eyelashes have now become developed. The Childs fingernails reach to the tip of the finger. At 9.5 months the child is ready to come out and triggers labor then birth occurs.

It’s important that a baby’s development stages occurs without problems because dealing with birth defects can be incredibly hard for parents.


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