How Much TV Should Babies Watch?

The subject of babies watching television can become very controversial. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that babies under two should not watch television. With television being so prominent in the home, how much is too much for babies?

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests babies do not watch television, babies are watching television. This is evident by walking through the video section of your local Target. There are a large variety of videos, all catered to babies under the age of two. That is because parents have discovered that babies do in fact like to watch TV. So how much is too much.

The debate over babies and television gets heated, but the type of television must be discussed first. Babies should not watch mindless shows, such as cartoons. There is nothing beneficial in this type of TV watching for babies.

However, when babies watch educational videos, such as Little Pim, Signing Time, Monki See Monki Doo and others, they are actually learning useful skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Parents can choose for their babies to learn foreign languages, sign language and how to read, all through television.

Television viewing, in controlled amounts of quality programming, has not been proven to be harmful to babies under two. In fact, parents are boasting about the wonderful things their children are learning because of television.

Watching television can never replace the interaction between child and parent, but it can compliment your baby's education during periods of time when you just have to get something done. Imagine that babies are learning such wonderful things while parents are tending to their chores.

Babies should not be allowed to sit and watch hours of television at a time. As a matter of fact, an hour a day is about the limit for healthy television viewing for babies. This can and should be broken up into two, half hour segments.

The ill affects of television viewing in babies occurs in babies who are allowed to view much more than an hour of TV a day. A good rule to remember in every area of ​​our lives is moderation in all things.

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