How to Care For a Newborn Baby

Bringing home baby – Here we are: you’ve survived 9 months of pregnancy and now your precious little one is here! Your first night at home with a newborn could possibly be challenging for a new mommy, after all, there’s so much to learn! It might seem to be a little overwhelming at times but rest assured, you will get the hang of it! Don’t be surprised if you have a mixture of emotions once you get your baby home for the first time, especially if this is your first child. You will likely be nervous more than you think.

5 Things you must know in bringing baby home and caring for your bundle of joy:

Handling your Newborn – Wash your hands! A newborn does not have an immune system like you and I! It is very important you are sanitary around your new baby! Washing your hands often, especially before handling your newborn can decrease illness, runny noses, etc – babies are very susceptible to infection. Make sure that not only you, but everyone who handles your new baby also has clean hands. Hand sanitizer works well in this case – just keep a bottle of it near the doorway for any visitors coming to see your new addition.

Sense of Security for Babies – Swaddling works really well for giving your new baby a sense of security!

Steps to learning how to swaddling a newborn baby:

• Spread out the receiving blanket, with one corner folded over slightly.

• Lay the baby face-up on the blanket with his or her head above the folded corner.

• Wrap the left corner over the body and tuck it beneath the back of the baby, going under the right arm.

• Bring the bottom corner up over the baby’s feet and pull it toward the head, folding the fabric down if it gets close to the face.

• Wrap the right corner around the baby, and tuck it under the baby’s back on the left side, leaving only the neck and head exposed.

When you swaddle your infant, this gives a feeling of when your baby was in the womb as well as keeping your baby nice and toasty! Swaddling works well for most babies during their first few weeks and even for older infants.

Soothing your newborn – My baby is crying and I have no idea why! You will soon learn what certain cry’s will sound like from your baby and will determine if he/she needs a diaper change, or is hungry, but there will be times that you just can’t seem to figure out why your baby is still crying.

You may need to burp your baby often, even if he or she shows no discomfort, he or she could possibly be gassy. If you are breastfeeding, burp her each time after you switch breasts. If you bottle-feed, burp her after she consumes two or three ounces of formula. If she is fussy or seems not interested during feeding, stop.

Babies love motion – Stroller rides, car rides, swinging, etc…Rock or sway your baby in your arms for awhile. Singing, talking or playing soft music can also calm your infant.

You could also try giving you baby a short warm bath but keep it short. Too much moisture can dry out a newborns sensitive skin and could lead to more frequent diaper rashes and chapping. Ideally, keep these baths to a minimum to a couple of minutes and only a couple times per week. This is especially true during the winter season.

Mommy needs her rest – you need to take care of yourself. Who will take care of baby if you are plum tuckered and tired! Those frequent feedings whether it’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding, those every 2 hour feedings can get a little tiring at times. So, sleep when your baby sleeps! Cat nap as much as possible! Take a night off and have your spouse take the night shift so you can rest maybe once a week. Or even ask your mom to stay overnight every once in awhile! It is so important that you stay rested!

Postpartum/Baby Blues – New mothers tend to be a little emotional after having a new baby. Mood swings are more common in younger women under the age of 20. You could experience anxiety, be irritable, even restless and cry at the drop of a hat. Most generally, these feelings occur within the first few weeks after giving birth but this is short lived! You will start to feel more normal soon thereafter.

Congratulations on your new addition to your family! I am sure you are going to be a great mommy. I hope these few tips help you understand what’s to come once you bring baby home!

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