How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor

Since baby monitors have many versions available on the market today, people get confuse on what to buy and how to choose a best one. Most of them have the same features and style but they have different product quality. Here are some things to consider when buying a baby monitor.

1.] Sound Quality

Usually it has two set of device, parent and child units and they both transmits audio to each other. Child unit sends audio to parent unit and parent unit sends audio to baby unit through talk back feature. Choose a baby monitor which have a crystal clear sounds and without any interference occur. Some baby monitors have blurred sounds and some have a clear sound and you can even hear the slightest breathing made by the infant.

2.] Battery Low Indicator

Most products like this are battery operated. It is designed like that to keep infant safe from electric shock and to make the device more portable and can be carried any where. Battery low indicator is very important in order to ensure 100% protection and meets all your needs within 24 hours if needed. This helps you become aware that the used batteries are in need of replacement, so make sure to prepare extra fully charge batteries.

3.] Motion Detector

Motion detector feature is also important. This helps you to become aware if your baby is okay. Motion detector like sensor pad detects any movements made by an infant. It can even detect the slightest movement made by your baby. Like for example, the slightest breathing, motion detector can see that which means your baby is breathing fine and in a deep sleep. In case no movement is detected, alarm will notify you about that. Some of it does not have this feature so better check and look for a monitor which have this feature.

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