How to Gift Your Girlfriends So They Remember You

Special occasions are times when good friends support one another to share the good times of living. If you have girl friends that you care for, they will take care of you, too. Remember, though, you may need to love them first. And love is often spelled G-I-V-E. Showing up empty handed at a party or remembrance is a quick way to lose favor and status with your girlfriends. Be prepared. Think of something unique and useful, so that they smile when they hear your name mentions.

Here are five must occasions for gifting your girlfriends.

Bridal Showers. Engagement and wedding plans can be exhausting. A bride-to-be needs time to gather her thoughts, her energy and her wits as she marches toward her wedding day. Feeling treasured is an important thing for modern women. A tea treasure gift basket can help her stay sane.

Weddings. It’s her big day and the stress of expecting a perfect event is at its highest level. All of the wedding details are coming together. While many big gifts are given to married couples, you can solidify your friendship with the new bride by giving her a healthy gift of tea.

House Warming. Friends move. Neighbors come and go. Family members and coworkers relocate. What better way to show your love and care for them than giving a healthy cup of tea and an assortment of treats that help them relieve the stress of moving. You are a valued friend to share your love in this way.

Baby Showers. Do you have a friend cousin who is expecting her first, second or even fourth child? Many times, pregnant mothers are hard to shop for the second time around. Babies are a lot of work and new mothers often look for a time alone to pause and catch their breath. Consider a personal service like a massage, manicure or spa, or a tea gift basket to help a young mother sip and relax with a soothing cup of tea.

Retirement Parties. What do you give someone you’ve known for 30 years when she retires? Her company may give her a clock, but you can give something useful like an afternoon tea gift basket. As she reflects on her new stage in life, she’ll need time to drink in the new experiences. Having a cup of tea at her side is a healthy companion during the time of transition.

Many tea varieties offer tea drinkers a healthy alternative of beverages; many teas contain polyphenols which yield powerful antioxidants. Research has shown that antioxidants help reduce the physical wear and tear by free radicals upon the body. By drinking tea, your girl friends keep their body hydrated and maintain healthy bones with the rich source of manganese in tea.

When your friends hold up their cup of tea and sniff the delicious aroma, they will think how lucky they are to know you. Your tea

gift basket connects them to a peaceful time, when they can reflect on the ways you are important to them. Make sure to savor the gift of friendship with your girlfriends by sharing your heart and thoughtfulness.

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