How to Help Your Toddler to Gain Weight

Are you worried that your toddler is not gaining weight as other children of the same age do? Do you envy other moms who have healthier and heavier babies? Do you want to know how you can help your toddler to gain weight?

If your toddler is having trouble in gaining weight, it is very important to evaluate their food intake so you would know if they are getting the right amount of nutrients and calories which are essential for their growth. You have to follow the basic guidelines set in the food pyramid so you can ensure that your child is getting adequate nutrient for a healthy weight gain.

Once you ensure that you’re giving your child a balanced and nutritious meal daily, you also have to keep in mind that there will come a time when your toddler will opt not to eat the foods you offered. Thus, you need to find creative ways on how to help your toddler gain weight healthily. It is important to incorporate calorie rich food items into your child’s regular diet. Mix cheese, beans, nuts, wheat germ and cooked chopped meat in your recipes so you can add more calories.

Peanut butter is another excellent source of calories to help your toddler gain weight. It would also be better if you will use natural and organic peanut butter, so it will be one step healthier. You can also use peanut butter in various kinds of recipes like sandwich filler or a dip. Another great source of healthy fat for weight gain is avocado. You can also add it in sandwiches or make an avocado dips.

Most moms are easily worried whenever they observe that their baby is not gaining weight as fast as before. Parents who regularly monitor their baby’s growth chart may observe that their baby is not having a steady weight gain. It is important to note that there are several factors that may contribute for the failure of the toddler to catch up with weight gain. Bear in mind, that when it comes to weight gain it will not always be a smooth and perfect climb.

Sometimes a baby’s growth rate may slow down or speed up. If your toddler is ill, say for an instance, his growth rate may stop temporarily. Eventually, you will observe that in time his weight will improve. But if there are drastic changes in the weight gain, it is important to consult the doctor immediately.

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