How to Increase the Bond Between a Parent and Their Baby Through Using Sign Language

A parent can never forget the first time they held their child. Seeing their baby look into their eyes and feel for the first time the bond with their child that will be unbreakable and will remain forever is a wonderful moment. Throughout a baby’s first few years that bond that was initially created is increased with events and interactions that the baby experiences with their parent. Using sign language with your child can only improve this vital bond.

Research has revealed that a child’s bond with their parent is improved with the more positive interactions that the child and parent experience together. As a child is attempting to get their needs met or attempting to convey something it can be somewhat difficult if they are unable to communicate through words. As a baby is able to use sign to appropriately have what they are thinking be understood by their parents then positive feelings and a sense of accomplishment is immediately felt by that child.

As the child is able to observe that their parent is able to understand them, then with a positive result of either praise or obtaining the item that was requested the child will experience a positive interaction with their parent. This positive interaction is what causes the bond that all parents have with their child to become stronger. The feeling of being able to effectively communicate with their parents can only bring about positive emotions within a child. The child will then recognize that they are being understood and the parent will see that the child will attempt to use signs more regularly with them because they know that their parent is able to understand them. With the absence of sign language then this experience would not be achieved.

Since children are able to start signing at seven months of age which allows both the parents and babies to experience even more positive interactions earlier in that child’s life. These positive communicative interactions are encountered earlier in age than those with verbal words. Since a child’s first words are usually spoken at one year of age then it is apparent that one can assume that the positive effects of being able to communicate through sign would be experienced at an earlier age. In turn the positive effect within that child will also generate a greater bond between the child and the parent within in the area of communication.

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