How To Make A Baby Smile

The smile on a baby’s face is one of the most precious treasures in the life of a parent. They can go to any lengths to achieve it. It is one of the simplest and yet the most beautiful thing one can see. When a baby smiles, everyone around the baby seems to radiate a shimmering glow of uncensored joy. Anyone who can make a baby smile experiences an even greater feeling of euphoria. A baby’s smile can change the total ambience of a room. It can uplift anyone’s mood. The art of making a baby smile is very simple if you know what the baby likes or enjoys.

One of the most classic ways to make a baby smile is – “peek-a-boo! I see you”. One can simply hide behind their hands and suddenly appear in front of the baby’s face. You’re sure to see giggles and dimples on your baby’s face.

Another effective method is to blow raspberries on their cute, tiny hands, belly and feet. Babies crave touch. This method is a sure way to get them to smile and soon they will start making “razing” sounds of their own.

Babies just love it when their parents nibble at their feet, fingers or neck. This love for nibbling lasts even after infancy.

The sparkling bubbles that one blows attract babies like a bee on honey. If you blow a few bubbles near babies, they will sit in amazement at the beautiful floating objects.

Making silly and exaggerated faces at the babies never seem to go out of practice. It is a wonderful way to give attention to them and babies just love being the centre of your universe. Sometimes even a simple sneeze can bring laughter to your baby’s already beautiful visage.

Babies get easily bored, seeing the same faces again and again. An older sibling, a parent who has been at work all day, other relatives is sure to keep your child engrossed for hours. Taking her to the playground, shopping-malls, amusement parks, or visiting new places and seeing new people not only shall increase the baby’s curiosity but also keep her happy, contented and smiling.

Soft-toys that talk a funny lisp, are always among the best options to give a baby, that smile to die for.

Making noises of animals and imitating their moves can make a baby roll with laughter. Trumpeting like an elephant, grunting like a pig, and most importantly making monkey-noises and hopping around complete with scratching the under-arms, are a sure way to flash a giggle on her face.

A pet, be it family or a friend’s can keep a baby engaged and smiling for ages.

Tickling, is the last resort undertaken to make a baby display that million dollar smile. A baby can understand the warmth, in the touch of the care-giver. Touching her playfully only re-assures her that she is safe and in the company of familiar people.

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