How to Pick the Perfect Diaper Bag

Choosing the perfect diaper bag is a daunting task but we’ve provided some categories below to help you narrow down your choices. You may be looking for a classic and sleek look in your bag, or maybe something more edgy and urban. There are many different styles of bags: Messenger Bags, Tote Bags, Purse Bags, Backpack Bags, and many more.

Follow these guidelines for choosing the perfect diaper bag:

  • Capacity – How much can you tote around
  • Bottle Holders – Are there plenty of places to securely store baby bottles or cups?
  • Divided Compartments – Different areas for different types of items can help you stay organized.
  • Comfortable Straps – Those bags can be heavy so padded or wide straps will help!
  • Changing Pad – Portable Changing Pads are great for being on the go!
  • Diaper Pouch – These are great for putting those dirty diapers when you don’t have a trash can available.
  • Insulated Bottle Bag – These keep you bottle or jar of food either cold or warm while you are traveling.
  • Washability – Diaper Bags get put through the ringer. Bottles can leak, jars of food can spill, and messy spit up cloths or bibs can all dirty the inside of your bag. Also do not forget the millions of places that you set your bag down! The outside of the bag also gets dirty and can use a good wash or wipe down to keep it fresh looking and last longer.

These are just some key things to look for when choosing your bag. Some of these guidelines may be more important to you than others. Be sure your bag will accommodate all your needs and wants. Having an inadequate bag can cause a lot of unneeded frustration!

Something else to keep in mind is choosing a good quality diaper bag that will last through multiple children. Picking a bag that meets all your needs and wants will likely last through multiple children.

Remember, you will be toting around a lot of baby gear! Be sure the bottles, baby formula, multiple changes of clothes, bibs, burp cloths, toys, diapers, wipes, jars of food, changing pad, bottle bag, dirty diaper pouch, and anything else you need will all fit easily into your bag!

You will find the perfect diaper bag no matter what your personal style. Browse through a variety of diaper bags and pick out your favorite one the meets your needs and wants!

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