Though they may seem like all fun, toys are more than entertaining playthings that amuse our children. Toys are the tools our children use to learn new skills, as well as understand the world and events around them. Toys, especially quality, long lasting wooden toys, are essential to a child's proper growth and development. An assortment of various wooden toys can help your child learn and develop skills in every area of ​​development.

Fine and gross motor development are both vital areas of development for a healthy, happy future. Gross motor skills refer to the large muscles your child uses to walk, run, throw, and catch. Much of a child's gross motor development takes place outside. Outdoor play sets and wooden toys, like ride-on toys, pedal cars, and even doll strollers, are some of the best toys to promote large muscle development.

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles in the fingers and wrists that allow us to write, cut with scissors, and manipulate small objects with our hands. Fine motor development correlates closely with the development of hand and eye coordination. Art toys and supplies, like crayons, paint brushes, and weaving looms, aid in both of these areas of development. There are quite a few wooden toys that enhance fine motor development available as well. Wooden puzzles are excellent toys for a broad range of skill levels. Wooden toys, like blocks and shape sorters, also promote fine motor development.

Cognitive development includes most of the skills we use to learn, to think, and to work creatively. Things like math skills, problem solving, and artistic talent are all parts of cognitive development. There are many, many toys that promote and enhance cognitive development in children. Natural toys, like sand and water activities, encourage children to explore, experiment, and investigate, all important parts of problem solving. Wooden toys [], like board games, blocks, and toys that support sorting and classification skills are also helpful in cognitive development.

Children develop language skills in almost everything they do. Books and reading aloud are the leading way to enhance language development in your child. Daily story times are a vital part of healthy growth and development throughout childhood. Aside from reading and books, children expand their language skills through pretend play and interactive play with others. Miniature appliances, doll accessories, and play sets are just a few wooden toys that encourage imaginative play and enhance language development.

Toys are also an essential part of a child's healthy social development. Children can use their toys to act out situations that have frustrated them, allowing them to work through new emotions in a safe and healthy way. Puppet theaters are great wooden toys that allow young children to express their fears and work out their social problems. Social skills are also learned through cooperative play with others. Many of the wooden toys recommended to aid development in other areas of growth also provide a number of social benefits. Pretend play, board games, and outside play all offer plenty of opportunity for social development.

Source by Babies & Kiddos