Ideas and Tips For Making Baby Footprint Invitations

Are you planning to hold a baby shower? Is the baby almost here? Then you should consider making baby footprint invitations. These cute works of art would certainly captivate your visitors and have them share this pleasurable experience with you.

When making baby footprint invites, always try to experiment so you’ll come up with something new. Here are good suggestions:

  1. Use papers of different textures and colors.
    Keep in mind that that more colorful your invitation has, the more joyful the occasion will seem to be. If it were a baby shower, the baby inside you would surely be glad knowing that there are many people who love him or her, especially you, his parent.
  2. Think of a unique embellishment.
    Don’t limit yourself to the use of a ribbon when making designs on the front side of the baby footprint invitation card. You can also use buttons, a small baby diaper pin, beads, bows, and glitters. The more creative you get, the better the look of the invitation will be. You can also use other embellishments that are out of the ordinary. You can use leaves, laces, and even soft wires. Let your imagination lead you to the right combination of colors and you should be all set.
  3. Place the footprints on the best spot of the invitation.
    The exact spot where you position the baby footprint would determine the overall theme and beauty of your invite. Actually, you don’t always have to use footprints. While baby footprints have been the most popular symbol of a new born, you can very well use other figures like baby bottles and diapers. You also don’t have to draw or cut the footprint in your invitation. How about using a footprint paper punch? Or a rubber stamp? Footprint-shaped confetti splashed across the page of the invitation card would also work.
  4. Write something special on the text of your invitation.
    Don’t be stuck with the what, where, when, and who’s of an invite. These are the basics. But for sure, you can add a little something to the text to make everything look perfect. How about adding a cute little poem about babies? You might also want to put some reference to the stork that would bring your baby in, just for the fun of it.

There are a countless number of ways and words you can adapt to make a simple baby footprint invitation uniquely beautiful. You just have to feel inside you the joy of being a parent and your creative side that you swear were never there before would definitely come out.

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