There are a few basic but very important decisions for you to make when arranging a christening for your baby boy or girl. These include booking a date for the service, choosing your godparents, selecting a gown and then arranging the party.


Talk to your church’s priest, vicar or minister and organize a date and time to suit you. Saturdays and Sundays are generally the most popular time for christenings because it means that most people will be available to make the occasion, however as this is the case it also means that the weekends can get quite busy and other christening parties might be booked on the same day. If a joint christening doesn’t bother you, feel free to book.


Choose two people that you trust and that are close to you. Godparents play a supportive role in the bringing up of your baby, so many new parents choose brothers and sisters or even best friends to be their child’s godparents. You can ask them in any way that you like – whether it is over the phone, in person or by a greetings card.


Although some families keep christening gowns and have them passed down through the generations, others don’t have the traditional wear to pass onto their child. Plenty of baptism or christening shops offer modern or traditional gowns or other types of outfits that you can dress your child in so that they look right for the occasion. Some parents for example don’t like to dress their boys in gowns as they believe it looks too feminine, and other parents are too scared to dress their child in traditional inherited gowns because of what might happen to it. Choose a practical outfit and accessories that you can change later if your child wants to crawl around.


A christening is not only a very important blessing in the Christian faith, but it is also a great time for family and friends to get together. A lovely social event, christenings don’t need to cost a lot but do need a good amount of organization so that you and your family can enjoy yourselves on the day. Make sure that you pick a venue (this can be just in your home if you are only planning a small family occasion), and then pick out decorations and think about catering. A popular choice for many christenings is to put a buffet together filled with sandwiches and other small bites to eat so that guests aren’t sitting down to a 3 course meal (very impractical with small children around) but can instead help themselves whenever they are hungry.

Source by Babies & Kiddos