Infant Vaginal Bleeding

Yes you heard right. This is something that hospitals rarely warn about. However, it is not as bad as it sounds. I am not talking about your wife getting little periods here. I am talking about little baby girls. Usually this happens between their day of delivery and a few weeks old. You may still be wondering what I am talking about. The first time I encountered this was in the NICU when my daughter was a day old. I was changing her diaper for the first time. I was already rattled by the experience of the hard delivery that my wife and daughter went through. My daughter did not start breathing right away and needed medical attention. After this experience I did not want to deal with any more medical emergencies. We also were still waiting for test results to ensure my daughter was doing all right. All of a sudden as I was changing her I noticed that she had some light vaginal bleeding. I started to panic. After all she went through the last thing we needed was for her to go through another medical episode.

Luckily the nurse was there and could explain to me exactly what was going on. This is a somewhat rare incident for baby girls not so much because it hardly happens, but because it may go unnoticed if not seen as it is happening. During the pregnancy and delivery the mother releases a multitude of hormones. The hormone estrogen can pass through to the female infant and remain in her blood stream for a week or so. This will cause light vaginal bleeding in infants in what is essentially a baby period. The infant vaginal bleeding usually does not last more than a week and is rarely heavy. It is important to know that this is normal and in no way harms the child.

Parents should monitor the situation to ensure that the infant vaginal bleeding is caused by the hormones and not by other factors or medical conditions. Infant vaginal bleeding that starts more than a week after the birth of the child or persists for more than a week should be brought to the attention of a pediatrician. Infant vaginal bleeding should not last more than a week as the hormones are passed through the child’s body. Vaginal bleeding that lasts for more than a few weeks can be caused by other factors that may need medical attention. I would suggest as you write down your feedings and changes, that you keep track of diaper changes that show signs of bleeding. By doing this you will be able to tell whether the infant vaginal bleeding is normal or if there is something more serious going on.

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