Is Your New Baby's Wireless Intercom System Setting Risking Your Safety and Privacy?

All new parents are concerned with their child's safety. One of the first things bought is a baby monitor to listen in on the baby as the parents move around the house. However, there is a hidden danger. Most people become so accustomed over the months that they will even hold very private conversations about bank account numbers, passwords and other sensitive information as they sit next to the monitor.

Most analog baby monitor systems bought down at Target or Wal-Mart are seemingly safe. They do not tell you that in today's world, those monitors can be "tapped" into. These monitors do not use secure digital technology to preserve privacy. In fact, anyone with the know how can hear what you say in the privacy of your own home over those type monitors. In essence, you have done the burglar or wire-tapper's job for them. You have placed a "bug" in your own home. What is more, you know about the bug and have no intention of turning it off or even of removing it.

Some say, but I will remember to never talk about sensitive information near the monitor. Well, you are still deceiving yourself. Do you really want your nosey neighbor knowing what you bought your wife for her birthday? It is also continues to provide a method for a burglar to gather critical information as to your schedule: when you leave, when you sleep, what rooms you typically occupy in the evening, even the sounds of you setting your alarm system being turned on and off.

The best choice is to select a high quality wireless intercom system such as the WireFree Wireless System or SVAT Video Security / Baby Monitor System. High quality digital systems give the user one less thing to worry about. They provide security of information. These systems can be found at such sites as [http://www.intercomesonline.com]. In general, these type models are longer lasting, more reliable and have clearer reception than analog models. In addition, they are less prone to interference and many models provide two-way rather than one-way communication. In the case of the SVAT Video Security System, it can even be expanded at a later date with a few additional cameras into a video home security system.

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