For many years, parents have been using  baby   monitors  to help them keep an ear or an eye on their  baby  while they are in another room. It often gives parents their only moments of peace, while still letting them know that their child is safely sleeping in the other room. These monitors were a great invention, but are not necessarily the safest thing when it comes to home security.

Traditional analog wireless monitors send audio (or video in some cases) over wireless frequencies, usually 1.2 Ghz or 2.4 Ghz. The problem comes in because the audio or video is being transmitted unencrypted. This means that anyone with the same, or a similar  baby   monitor , can tap directly into the frequency and easily hear what is happening inside of the home. This means that your neighbors, or even strangers on the street could be listening in on what is happening inside your home.

However, there are a few newer wireless  baby   monitors  that are now available which can provide even better quality video and audio, while providing security at the same time. These new digital wireless encrypted  baby   monitors  send video and audio simultaneously over 2.4 Ghz wireless frequency, the same as previous models, but instead it sends the video digitally. This provides an encrypted video transmission that can only be picked up by your monitor. The camera and monitor are ‘married’ together when they are first powered on, much like a garage door opener with the garage door motor. Once paired together, these devices will only communicate with one another, and will not be able to read the signals from any other  baby   monitors , nor will other  baby   monitors  be able to pick up on your video.

On top of the obvious security benefits of the newer digital  monitors , these  monitors  also now have higher level functionality that previous  baby   monitors  did not have, such as 2-way audio which allows you to speak back to your  baby , an LCD  monitor  that shuts off automatically when not in use to extend battery life, Lithium Ion batteries for battery life up to 3 hours, and even an adjustable zoom that allows you to zoom in closer on your baby. This paired with longer range video and audio transmission (up to 200 meters) provides you with an even greater flexibility and security for your home and your baby. Digital communication also reduces or eliminates the static that you can experience with older analog monitors, this alone will make many parents happier with the newer digital monitors.

Source by Babies & Kiddos