If your children are active on-line, you want to make sure they do not give out information that can be misused by strangers. Innocent information like a school name, can be dangerous in the hands of the wrong people.

Of course, you can tell your kids which information should not be given out. But, how can you make sure it does not slip their mind?

The answer is keyword control. There are software packages available that allow you to prevent personal information to fall into the hands of predators.

Here are the 3 pieces of information you should prevent form being visible:

  1. Your home address
  2. Your kids' school address or name
  3. Your kids' contact info, such as phone number, cell phone number or direct e-mail address

You can prevent this information from coming up in chat programs by setting this up as a set of keywords that should be concealed.

By blocking this information, your child can still type it in, but the person they are chatting with, will not see that specific information. It will automatically be taken out of the conversation.

The big benefit is that it takes the guesswork out of prevention. Even if your child thinks they can trust the other person, even if they forget they should not have given the information and even when you are not there to monitor what's going on, the sensitive information will not become public.

This does not mean there's no way a cyber predator can get this information. But often-used on-line tactics now become ineffective and make it a lot harder to get personal information. This increases the level of safety for your children.


It's important to be careful when giving out personal information. For your children, it's harder to see the danger and it's easier to trust someone. That's why they're more likely to be taken advantage of.

Software with keyword control can help you prevent personal information from getting in the hands of the wrong people. Because the software works automatically, information such as your address, your kids' school address and your contact info, will be concealed, even when it's typed in during a chat session.

You should still be cautious about your and your kids personal info, but software can make the life of cyber predators a lot harder.

Source by Babies & Kiddos