Mobi Mobicam Video Baby Monitor Review

The Mobi Mobicam video baby monitor uses unique technology to ensure signal privacy so you can sleep worry-free knowing others outside your home can not view your child. It also provides superior night vision for a clear view when it is needed most – at night when your child is crying for your attention. You’ll be able to quickly see if your baby is in trouble or simply trying to settle back to sleep.

With a wide-angle lens on the camera, you can view more of the room than with standard video monitors. VOX technology lets you sleep in peace with the monitor in sleep mode and be awakened only when the monitor detects noise and turns on automatically. Powerful night vision with a 30 foot range means you can see your baby clearly in total darkness.

Mobi Mobicam Video Baby Monitor Description

The Mobi Mobicam Video Baby Monitor comes with one parents unit with a tilting 2.4″ LCD screen that works in full color or black and white night vision. It comes with a rechargeable battery as well as A/C power adaptor. The nursery unit has a wide-angle camera and infrared LEDs with a light sensor for automatic night vision. It is designed for placement on a table or dresser. The unit has a modern design and comes in white with blue accents.

The 2.4gzh parent unit uses a patented system to provide a secure signal that won’t broadcast outside your home. The indoor range of the monitor is an impressive 450 feet, and up to 900 feet in open air.

Mobi Mobicam Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor Features

  • One handheld portable parent unit
  • 2.4″ LCD screen that tilts
  • Brightness control, volume control, and low battery warning
  • VOX sound detection mode
  • Audio only or audio and video modes
  • Audio/video output to connect the monitor to your TV, a recording device, or a computer with the optional Internet Kit
  • Option to scan between up to three cameras automatically or manually
  • Wide-angle camera
  • Nightlight

Mobi Mobicam Video Baby Monitor Reviews

This monitor provides a secure transmission that keeps your baby’s image private. The wide-angle camera lets you see more of the room and keep tabs on even an active sleeper who moves around a lot. The ability to record with the AV output means you can capture video of your baby and send it to family and friends or just keep it for the future. You can also get an optional internet kit to allow you to see your baby through your computer.

Unlike most video monitors, this unit does not have a wall mount option for the camera, meaning you will have to have furniture located in convenient positions to get a good shot of the baby. It also doesn’t have a belt clip for hands free carrying. Interference may occur with other 2.4ghz electronics such as wireless internet routers. Although extra cameras are available for this monitor, extra parents units are not.

Although the Mobi Mobicam Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor lacks some of the most common features of video monitors, most notably the ability to be mounted on the wall, the Mobicam offers some other things that might make up for it. With a private signal, excellent range and powerful night vision, this monitor holds its own among the competition.

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