Mobicam Baby Monitor Reviews

The Mobicam Baby Monitor has been getting good reviews one after the other. Parents love the product because it actually makes them watch their children. Watch their children means the parent can actually see their babies and hear whatever is going on in their nurseries.

But it can be too great. There have been reports of parents turning the channel of their Mobicam and watching the nursery of their next door neighbor. If they can easily see what goes on in their neighbor's nursery, then the same can be said about their neighbors with their nursery.

If this is considered to be a problem, then the parent can contact the developers of Mobicam Baby Monitor so that they would know how to correct this.

But that alone proves that the monitor is a great one. In fact, some users have described it as being too great. The cameras are very easy to position and the monitor is very portable that they can bring it to wherever they are.

There is more than one camera that is linked to the handheld monitor. It is very convenient to toggle between children.

The Mobicam Baby Monitor can actually monitor what goes on in different rooms and the parents can just change the channel from one room to another.

Another cool feature of the Mobicam Baby Monitor is that it has night vision. You do not have to leave the lights on so that you can see what goes on in the room when your children are sleeping.

The night vision gives the parent a clear picture of the nursery even when there is low or no light at all. In doing so, the child can have a peaceful and sound sleep and the parents will not be too anxious because they can still monitor their child.

But of course, there are still some Mobicam Baby Monitor reviews that are more on the downside.

For one, there are suggestions of the switches on the camera to be placed on the top or the back as opposed to it being in the bottom. This is because with the bottom, the user has to pick the camera up every time he or she wants to change the setting or turn it off.

If these buttons are found on the top or the back, then it would be easier to control the camera too.

Then there is the plug. The Mobicam Baby Monitor has to be plugged if it were to be used all night. Then there's the auto setting but it is suggested to not use it as much or else the batteries would drain faster than usual.

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