Multiple Birth Baby Showers

Baby shows are a traditional way friends and family share their excitement and joy of the birth of a newborn with the expectant parents. Even though the atmosphere is very festive, a shower for a newborn also helps new parents cover some of the initial costs associated with having a baby. Gifts that are bestowed upon the baby can range from very simple things like bibs and teething rings to more expensive items such as a baby bed or stroller. There are so many things to buy in preparation for a newborn that it can be overwhelming at times. And in the case of multiple births those expenses can be doubled, tripled or in rare cases multiplied even more.

Inviting more guests than usual might be a good strategy for a multiple birth shower

When planning a shower for multiple births it might be a good idea to be more expansive in planning your guest list. While it is traditional for women to attend showers, there has been a trend towards having coed baby showers or making it a family affair and inviting the entire family. While you will have to increase the amount of food and beverages to accommodate a larger affair, it is usually worth it because more people mean more gifts. Now not only will the new Mom’s friends attend but the new Dad’s friends will come and bring their families as well. This can help ensure that the parents will get some much needed relief in the form of useful baby items.

Tips for planning the shower

· Menu items should be family friendly, and enough to make a meal out of.

· Consider a planning committee, instead of having one person try and plan the entire event.

· The couple should register at online baby registries; guests should be sent the registry information at least one month before the shower to give them time to shop.

· Be sure to include some less expensive items on the registry list since folks will most likely have to buy multiples of everything.

· Plan on playing a game that focuses on the multiple births

· Traditional shower games are sometimes not family-friendly. Make sure you include some games for the guys as well as the kids.

· Stay away from frilly invitations if you are going to have a coed shower

· Consider a non-traditional location, such as a making it an outdoor affair, maybe a cookout or renting a clubhouse at a local park.

Remember when throwing a shower for a multiple birth, bigger is better, think about going with a coed party or possible even inviting the entire family. Also be sure to include the co-workers of both parents at the affair, or perhaps have a separate smaller shower at work. Sometimes co-workers, who are not particularly close on a personal level to the couple, may not attend the shower otherwise, but an “at work” shower will make them more than happy to contribute to a group gift, such as car seats, baby beds and strollers, which can be a big relief on the pocketbook with multiple births.

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