See and talk to your baby anytime, day and night, with portable baby safety you can afford!

Having a child, it is very important that you know exactly what they are doing all day especially if you are working. The dangers can only take a split second for your child to get into trouble if you're not monitoring them. When you're thinking about protecting your baby as they grow into a toddler a video baby monitor is the best investment you could ever make.

Baby monitors are available in a wide variety of styles, from audio monitors to audio monitors WITH video and movement sensors. Choosing can be a little overwhelming but it all boils down to your specific needs and which features are important to you. As you look at your options, remember it is better to choose a baby monitor with the features that fit your lifestyle and living environment, rather than basing your decision on price alone. So what if you'll buy the cheapest if it is useless or just not that useful enough for your baby 'safety right?

Bottom line, it is worth taking the time to compare brands when shopping for a baby monitor. Lorex however, makes it easy for us parents to decide by being easy to setup and having the best features a baby monitor can offer! Lorex LIVE snap is a completely portable video baby monitor meaning you can take the camera and video monitor anywhere you go! What a great new way of monitoring your baby without hindering your work or chores.

You can even use it as a camera so you could share your baby's pictures. It's just any other digicam today. Save the pictures and or videos in the memory card or as they call it the "microSD card" then connect the card to your computer and viola! You can now share your precious moments!

Lorex LIVE snap does not only allow you to hear and see your baby; it also allows you to talk to your baby through its 2-way audio system. It has zero interference; its long-range digital wireless technology has a signal that rages of up to 450 feet. It will not interfere with any other electronic device and nosey neighbors will not be able to eavesdrop on you and your family.

Plus, and I have to say this got me real good, automatic … night vision! It allows you to see up to 25 feet in total darkness! It is especially made so it would not disturb your baby's sleep. Is not it such a sweet deal?

Source by Babies & Kiddos