Newborn Care Specialists

It has been said that babies don’t come with instruction booklets. This is of course true and anyone who has had a baby will agree that those first few days at home with a newborn is a nerve wracking prospect. What if you do something wrong? How do you know when you’re doing anything right? What is the best way to position your newborn for sleeping? How do you get your newborn to sleep? What if you gave birth to twins, triplets or more? How do you handle all those little people that have suddenly come into your life?

The first two weeks after a baby arrives are arguably the toughest and they’re also the two weeks where mom is exhausted after giving birth and overwhelmed with all the ‘new’ things she has to learn. Enter a newborn care specialist, a nanny type of person who deals only with newborn babies.

The definition of a newborn care specialist is someone who provides guidance, education and support for new parents. They typically work the overnight shift anywhere from 8-12 hours a night and can be in a home anywhere from one night to weeks at a time. There is no set right or wrong way to use a newborn care specialist.

While mom is getting her rest and therefore recovering faster, especially if she has had a C-section or a multiple birth, the specialist is busy caring for the baby(ies). They take care of feeding, they sterilize bottles, prepare bottles, do laundry, bathe the baby and do all of the things required through the night. They are also there to put into motion a schedule which is something that all babies respond well to, and are there to help mom with lactation issues, as well as know how to work with babies with special needs, preemies or those who have sleep issues.

A newborn care specialist is someone who is there to answer all of those questions and put new parents’ minds at ease; she knows how to swaddle, how to cuddle and how to change a diaper with the greatest of ease and best of all, she’s there at the crucial times when mom and dad have just had enough and need their sleep.

Is a newborn care specialist for you? Only you know what your needs are at this fascinating time of life, but they are there to assist you and only a phone call away.

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