Newborn Constipation – Treatment Methods and Tips

So your baby has not been able poop for quite a while and you are absolutely worried like a good parent should. How do you cope with newborn constipation? Better still, how do you treat your infant’s constipation without any side effects? Constipation in infants and newborn babies can be a very frightening experience for parents who are experiencing it for the very first time.This is not unusual given the fact that parents are aware of the dangers involved in the body’s tendency to reabsorb the toxins deposited in the colon.


First, you need to know what caused your baby’s constipation. Constipation in babies is caused by various factors. Chief among them is the switch from breast milk to formula. Also, you might want to check if the baby is eating properly. If your baby still passes meconium three days after its delivery, it probably indicates that the baby is not eating very well. The weather also plays a big role in determining how frequently the child would “go”. Babies have been known to be unable to poop for three days on end in hot weathers.


Another cause of newborn constipation is the formula you use in the feeding of the baby. The baby might be reacting to the different types of formula if you switch formulas suddenly. So, if after switching formulas you notice the infant has started constipating, then it is probably due to the formula you are feeding the infant with. You can also change the quantity of formula you give the baby at a point in time and increase or decrease the frequency of feeding with formula. Also increase the quantity of water you give to the baby. If the baby shows any sign of improvement in bowel movements, know that it was as a result of inadequate water intake. You might also want to consult with your pediatrician as regards the quantity of iron in the formula.


Note that infants need more iron; therefore it is important that you are certain of the quantity of iron it needs before you go on a low iron diet as a means of treating any newborn constipation. Also, you can try bathing the baby in an infant tub with the water a little above the stomach level. While bathing, try massaging the stomach. Sometimes, it could just happen that the baby might just “go” right there and then. If you try all these and they don’t work, you need more help. There are lots of easy alternative cures to newborn constipation.

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