The Philips Avent Basic baby monitor with DECT technology is one of the highest rated audio monitors you can buy to keep track of your child while they're sleeping. Interference-free clarity provides the ability to hear all the sounds coming from your child's room.

The two-way talk back feature lets you also talk to your baby through the parent unit in order to soothe your child while you are on your way or as your child is trying to get to sleep.

The primary benefit of this monitor is the incredibly clear sound provided by the DECT technology. Static-free monitoring of the baby with no interference means the monitor is quiet when all is silent and clear when baby makes noise. Because you can adjust the sensitivity, you can hear as much or as little as you want; hear the sound of your baby's every breath, or only when baby starts to wake and make noises.

Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor Description
The Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor comes with one parent unit that is portable and lightweight and has a 24-hour battery life on the rechargeable battery pack. The DECT system constantly scans 120 channels and automatically switches to maintain an interference-free signal. It has an incredible range of over 1000 feet in open air that will easily allow you to roam your home and yard.

Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor Features

  • One parent unit and one nursery unit
  • DECT Technology protects against static and interference, scanning 120 channels
  • Two-way microphone and speaker system
  • Sensitivity control
  • Belt clip
  • Rechargeable battery with 24 hours of use and an AC adapter
  • Low battery and out of range warning indicators
  • Lights to indicate sound level
  • Volume control
  • Nightlight
  • Page button

Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor Reviews
The most impressive feature of this product is the DECT technology, which gives the clearest possible sound without interference. The two-way talk features allows you to talk to baby and offer the soothing sound of your voice even if you can not get there right away. It's also helpful when you need to talk to another adult when you can not leave the nursery, such as during a feeding. The paging feature makes it easy to find a parents unit that has been misplaced.

While outdoor range is significant, indoor range is a common 150 feet, even less if you have heavy concrete walls or other features in the building reducing the signal strength. The LED lights that indicate sound from the baby are extremely bright, especially in a dark room and may be disturbing to people who are sleeping with the monitor nearby. Extra parent units are not available for this monitor.

Reviews available for this monitor are very positive. Parents love the reliability of the DECT technology for clear sound and find the two-way talk system very useful. The Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor with DECT provides an advanced system for preventing static and interference while the other features offered by the monitor put it a step above other basic monitors.

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