The Philips Avent Digital Screen  baby   monitor  doesn’t just let you know when your child has woken up, it also displays information about the temperature in the nursery so you can ensure your  baby’s  comfort.

You can remotely control lullabies to play from the nursery unit to help calm your baby until you can get to them. The DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) technology in this monitor guarantees a clear signal without interference or static on the line.

With the two-way talk back system you can easily communicate with another person when you are stuck in the nursery during a feeding and require assistance. You can also use this feature to talk to your child, providing the soothing sound of your familiar voice.

Philips Avent Digital Screen  Baby   Monitor  Features

  • One parent unit
  • DECT technology that automatically channel hops to offer the best signal and clearest sound
  • Digital screen
  • Remote control of nursery unit
  • Temperature display
  • Belt clip and neck loop
  • Rechargeable batteries and charging stand with AC adapter for parent unit; non-rechargeable batteries and AC adapter for the nursery unit
  • Volume control

Two-way talk back and sound and light indicators let you interact with your baby under a number of situations. Channel surfing technology roams 120 channels for consistent clarity. The open air range of this monitor is 1000 feet with 150 inside range.

Philips Avent Digital Screen  Baby   Monitor  Reviews

The incredibly clear and private DECT technology means you won’t hear static, other people’s phone conversations or  baby   monitors . The talk-back feature on the unit makes it easy to call for assistance with the baby, or to soothe baby back to sleep with the sound of your voice. Temperature  monitoring  is a feature that will make sure the  baby  doesn’t get too hot or too cold, keeping the nursery safe and comfortable. The digital screen makes it easy to keep track of the settings on the unit and allows you to control them at the touch of a button.

This monitor is generally very highly reviewed and most owners are impressed with the performance. The sound is crystal clear, the digital screen very helpful and easy to use, and the sensitivity control on the machine very accurate for hearing only what you want to hear.

If you want the best sound with no static then the Philips Avent Digital Screen  Baby   Monitor  might be the monitor for you. It provides an incredibly clear and private transmission, and has a good range and great battery life. The most discriminating parent will find little to complain about with this monitor.

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