Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

Philips AVENT is a name that most parents associate with quality parent and baby products including breastfeeding and bottle feeding items and now also baby monitors. Their first video monitor is the Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor, a 100% digital monitor that ensures a virtually interference free and secure signal up to a range of 490 feet. In fact, it has 18 channels which is automatically scans to find the the most secure.

Let’s take a look at what this monitor has to offer. First of all it has a high resolution 2.4″ color screen on which to view your baby during the day and as the light gets dim, the automatic infrared LED’s give you black and white night vision.

The monitor operates on a frequency band of 2.4GHz and automatically scans its 18 channels to find the most secure and interference free. Many customers like this video monitor because it offers an interference free signal with great picture and audio quality. However, there are some mixed reviews about the inconsistent quality, not particularly with the day and night vision, but more to do with interference with their WiFi networks.

Access to the features is very easy, at a press of a button you can activate the lullabies, movement of the camera, brightness and volume control. When the parent unit is out of range it will beeps once and the message “out of range” appears on video display. The Link light on the parent unit also flashes red. The Link light assures you that you are still connected to your baby.

The parent unit continuously monitors the sound level in your baby’s room. When the automatic screen activation mode is activated, the video display only switches on when the baby unit picks up a sound. When there is no sound, the video display is off to save power.Not only is there a voice activation feature, but also sound level lights that also let you know if there is any activity, particularly useful if you’re in a noisy room.

The monitor is also pretty portable, having a belt clip so that you can attach it to your belt or waistband, as well as converting to a table stand for convenience. An interesting customer comment was that the monitor was too big to fit into a pocket and too awkward to hang from a belt loop. The camera can’t be wall mounted but it’s tripod compatible so you can get a better viewing angle.

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