Philips Baby Monitor Pros and Cons

Philips baby monitor is one of the baby monitor brands that are made of high quality baby audio monitor that can help you hear your child as they are asleep. You are basically hearing every breath in your baby’s room without interference. Although being a parent entails taking care of a child, it is still impossible to be around your baby every second of your time. Whatever reason you have, whether you are doing it to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or to monitor your ill child, having a baby monitor is one of the things that can make parenting seem like an easy task.

What is unique about the Philips baby monitor? The distinguishing factor that this baby monitor has is that it utilizes the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication technology that comes with automated channel switching system. This offers you a private way of connecting that totally removes the interference coming from other electronics along with a clear reception. This is perhaps the commonly mentioned highlight when it comes to its reviews.

This technology allows you to have privacy in your home. What it does is that it seeks through any unused channel and uses it as the frequency. However, if it observes that somebody else is interfering with the channel, it automatically searches another unused channel. Well, this technology has been designed by reliable companies specializing in audio communication. Meaning, you are sure to get a private and secured connection. You will be the only person to hear your child. To top it all off, you will get no static, only clear reception each time.

Yet another amazing highlight of Philips baby monitor is its temperature sensor. Aside from letting you know that your baby is awake, moving, and breathing, the monitor also shows you if the temperature inside the bedroom is too hot or too cold. The alarm will be triggered once a drop in temperature is noticed.

Yet another great feature of Philips baby monitor is its mobility. With its DECT wireless technology, the monitor along with the parent unit can be operated from different location even without taking the monitors out of their charging stations. This is a wonderful feature that allows you to feel like you are always by your baby’s side. In that way, you can move freely, and sleep peacefully knowing that you can still hear your child.

Using this baby monitor, not only will you be hearing your child, but it is also possible for your child to hear you as well. If you have a nanny, you can simply talk to the other line in case you are stuck and working in another room, or if a person needs help with your child. This is particularly important for those with sickly children for emergency purposes.

However, like all merchandise, Philips baby monitor comes with disadvantages, too. The light of this monitor can be too bright and can interfere with parent’s sleep. Aside from that, the time it takes for the parent unit to recharge will need a minimum of 16 hours. These two are simply the consequence that comes with its cool features. The most important thing is that you can monitor your baby even while you are not by her side.

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