Philips Baby Monitor

As  baby   monitors  are out in the market, Philips made the first move to introduce a new technology called DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) that will modernize the marketplace.

Philips  Baby   Monitor  comes in complete package. It gives you a complete peace of mind with zero interference or static from any electrical device. It so provides a secure and private connection – you will be the only one to hear your baby and so with likewise. Channel selections over 60 channels for its voice transmission and as soon as it find ways to look out for another device using its channel, it will automatically switch to an unused channel to continuously give you a crystal clear connection without any hindrance. This unit is small in design and is lightweight with a belt clip and neck cord to allow you to freely walk in and around the house up to the maximum 900 feet with convenience and mobility. It could give you a minimum of 8 hours cordless monitoring. With this product, you can also  monitor  the room temperature of the  baby  and activate those starry-starry night light while playing your baby’s favorite lullaby because the sensitivity of the sound and volume just has its ability to adjust to suit any situation.

This product may seem like the most expensive thing inside a nursery room, and the most expensive non-furniture item, but users have been saying that this is something that you would want to feel great about spending that big amount of money. Security, performance and features are all great.

How much one thing costs will always affect how buyers chooses the product but Philips wasn’t restricted to the price because if the price is right, there will be no way for the buyers to think twice. If it gives you a better way to feel secured, then the cost is just reasonable. This product just works perfectly as advertised. From sensitivity down to battery life, let me raise my two thumbs up for this. With thoughtful and well implemented features, this product is a topnotch for it performs outstandingly.

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