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Taking pictures of their babies is the best entertainment for all the new moms and dads and everyone in the home. All of us would like to capture each and every moment of our baby and at the same time it is so interesting to share them with friends and families.

Online photo contests have become hugely popular with all the new moms surfing the internet and sending in entries for their cute ones. Parents are ready to pay that extra fee as well, just to see their baby on the popular contest sites and let the world know. And the joy to become a winner in once of such contests can not be just expressed. We all know how moms love to brag about their kids. It is good that there are many such baby photo contest sites available these days.

Online baby photo completion is a huge market today with so many paid and free photo contest sites coming up every day. Now let's come to the main topic of this article ie selecting the best winning photo to submit to these contests. I know how you feel, for a mom like me, each and every photo of their kid is simply the best. But you must also think that there are so many babies around the world, so you need to select that winning piece out of your archive. There are few things to consider while selecting the photos. The first important one is that, you should always try to select a photo where in your baby's face is clearly visible and the voters or the judges (depending on the competition) can see the child's expressions very clearly. Try to send in a photo with good quality and avoid sending blurred or not too clear photos. Select good photos where in your child's face is clearly visible. Do not send in photos where the background is more highlighted than your baby's face unless there is a special theme contest going on for beautiful backgrounds.

If the contest is a voting related contest, try to spread the word around by letting all your friends and relatives know and also ask for their votes. Post the contest and your baby's details on your personal homepages, emails, forum signatures, myspace pages, blogs etc so that your child gets the maximum vote. It is all about votes these days be it American Idol or the Presidential Election.

Happy Photography!

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