Potty Training Boys – 6 Expert Tips For Toilet Training A Boy

Many people say that is more difficult to potty train a boy than it is a girl. From my experience in toilet training hundreds of children I have found that the basics are the same for both sexes. This is true whether the child is toilet trained at home or potty trained in a daycare situation.

They are no harder to train

Boys are a little different to potty train but are no harder. You can either sit your son down, this can be easier if you are toilet training a younger child or have stand up and pee if this is what he is used to seeing a male doing. Potty training a boy can be easier when you are out and about because boys will often enjoy peeing against a tree and sometimes they want to do this even when they don’t really need to urinate.

Consistency plays a vital role

Consistency is the number one rule and the most important thing you need to learn and implement when potty training your son. Why is this? Inconsistency will confuse your child and he will find it harder to know exactly what is expected of him. Many parents I have worked with disregard this very important rule and wonder why they find it so difficult to potty train their child. They fluctuate between having him in diapers and then in underpants depending on what they are doing or where they are going and potty training is harder for him.

Rewards and praise work

If you use rewards and praise effectively then the whole process of toilet training your child will be accomplished faster and easier. A toilet training rewards chart works well especially if you buy him some extra special stickers. Take him with you and let him help to choose them but don’t be tempted to give into whining, tantrums or arguments and allow him to have them when he has not gone potty.

Use Positive Reinforcement

When toilet training your son use positive reinforcement to encourage compliance and not negative. Tell him what you want him to do and not what you don’t want. “Do your pee on the potty” rather than “Don’t do your pee in your pants”. Praise him when he does perform in the correct place and avoid criticizing him when he has an accident.

Potty train with other children

Potty training your child with another child especially an older child makes the whole process much quicker. Have friend round who are starting potty training at the same time. I have often seen fairly young children want to start potty training themselves because they are spending time with slightly older children who know how to use the potty.

You can go cold turkey

It is possible to go cold turkey this type of approach may be more suited to an older child. This means on a specific date determined by you and your family situation you remove diapers or pull ups from your child completely and don’t put them at all day or night. Sometimes this is easier than doing daytime first and nighttime later which is the approach many parents use.

Potty training your child at first instance can appear to be a daunting experience. Make sure you prepare well and follow through with consistency and it will be much easier.

Reward charts can help to make the toilet training experience easier and more enjoyable for your child.

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